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Check this out before you check out!

What payment options are available?

We are happy to offer several payment options for you to purchase your Nexwear!. We accept all major credit cards, ShopPay, PayPal HSA&FSA cards. Express payment methods are available at the beginning of the checkout process. All other options are av

Can I use multiple forms of payment?

Sorry, as with most websites, we can only accept one form of payment at this time. 😕

I din't receive an order confirmation email after checkout, what happened?

If you have not received your order confirmation email, you likely placed your order through one of our express payment methods -PayPal. Your order confirmation email is sent to the email associated with your express payment method!. If you are not a

When is my credit card charged?

Your credit card is charged when your order is processed. For subscriptions, all orders process on your scheduled order date. Need to make a change to your order date? No problem! Login to your Nexwear account to make any changes?. Don't have an acco

Do you accept Insurance?

While we don't accept insurance at this time, some of our customers provide a receipt of purchase to their insurance company for potential reimbursement. 😁

Pay with a check?

Yes! Absolutely. If you'd like to pay with a check, email us at [email protected] and our customer service team will be happy to help.

Do you accept HSA & FSA cards?

Yes, we are proud to accept HSA/FSA payments! Simply enter your card information on the checkout page as you would any other payment. 😀. What are HSA payments? A type of savings account that lets you set aside money on a pre-tax basis to pay for qua