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Confidence never looked so good.

Which is the front versus the back?

All of our underwear products are distinctly marked with the size of the product on the back, leaving the guess work out and clearly indicating the front versus the back.

What is your underwear made with?

Our underwear are designed with a cloth-like fabric to be soft to the touch and stay discreet under clothing. They are ultra-thin. These modern fit underwear are fashion freindly and made to fit like any other underwear! 😊

Do your underwear come in different colors?

Our underwear are only available in a neutral/champagne color right now. However, we are a company devoted to making product improvements, if you feel another color should be made, feel free to let our product developers know your feedback. Just send

What do these look like?

Are these machine washable?

No. Nexwear underwear were designed for one-time use only. 😊 Additionally, our experts highly recommend that you do not reuse these products as that can cause irritation and or an infection. These underwear were made for moderate to maximum incontin