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Designed for no-fail protection and complete discretion.

Are these for overnight use?

Yes! Nexwear underwear were deigned to be both comfortable and effective for daytime or nighttime use. Don't just take our word for it, you are welcome to read thousands of 5 star reviews from other customers, just like you. Read our reviews.

Do you offer men's and women's products?

Absolutely! Our products were designed to fit and feel great for both men and women.

How much do your underwear hold?

These underwear are not just fashion friendly! They were designed with performance and YOU in mind. Absorbing over 28 ounces, (that's 3.5 cups of liquid 😮), these protective underwear compete with industry leaders.

How do I know what size underwear to order?

Many customers just like you, wonder the same question. You're not alone. Our underwear were designed to fit and feel like regular underwear with it's cloth-like fabric. Our fashion friendly waistband stays discreet under cloths too. If you need any

Are your underwear made for fecal incontinence?

Yes! With cutting edge technology including odor neutralizers, these underwear were designed to contain liquids, semi-solid and solid fecal matter. One less thing to worry about.