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Do you offer any samples?Updated a year ago

Great question! We're so happy you're interested in our products and services and we'd love to help send a few samples so you can give our products a try. 

The product is free, however, we just ask that you help us out a little with the shipping and handling of these pkgs, just $6.99.

Protective Underwear: 
Regarding samples of our protective underwear, please click this link here. We are offering 15 pairs in any size.

Bladder Control Pads: 
Regarding samples of our pads, please click this link here. We are offering 30 pairs in any size. 

*** IMPORTANT: This sample order does sign you up for our subscription service automatically scheduling and sending a replacement order 20 days from your purchase date then following your shipping frequency selection. So please let us know how these products work for you BEFORE your subscription renews in 20 days. If you need more time, want to try another size or style, just let us know, we're on your team to help find the perfect product for your needs! 

If you don't like subscriptions, no worries, you can simply click the "give them a try" option on the product pages and make sure to click "ORDER ONCE" button. 

reach out if you have any questions. 
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