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How does my subscription work?Updated 2 years ago

Great question! You're in complete control. You pick the product and how often you need them sent. We'll do the heavy lifting and make sure that your ongoing orders are sent exactly how you choose, taking the guesswork out. Say goodbye to last minute runs to the grocery store! 

You can even adjust things as you go, adding or skipping shipments to match your usage schedule. To make any changes to your subscription orders, simply login to your account to manage your orders or send us an email, we're happy to help! 

***Important: We'll always email (or send you a text message if subscribed) you a reminder of your upcoming order 2 days in advance to make sure you're ready for another order. If you are, no problem, we have you're order scehduled. If you're not ready, you can skip that order immediately within your email or text message. 

You call the shots. And, you even get an extra discount when you're on a subscription. 😊 

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