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What is the best incontinence product for me?Updated a year ago

Incontinence products can vary by company, brand, or website, and it can be sometimes difficult to navigate all the differences and find the right product. When researching, you should focus on four incontinence supplies that go by different names: Tab-style diapers or “adult diapers,” these products open at the sides and fasten across the front. Pull-ups or “protective underwear,” or “pull-up underwear,” these are the shape of traditional underwear, but with an absorbent core for added protection. Underpads or “chux,” or “bed pads,” these are rectangular pads used to protect furniture or wheelchairs. And lastly, bladder control pads or “incontinence pads” or “liners”, these are pads that are placed inside your underwear for protection typically against urinary incontinence. There are several factors that you should consider when choosing the right product for your needs, such as frequency and volume of voids, type of incontinence and what is comfortable to wear for protection. We recommend consulting your doctor for help when incontinence occurs. 

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