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Why am I leaking through my products?Updated a year ago

First, the product you’re using might be the wrong size. Some customers assume that a larger product is going to have a higher absorbency, but larger products can leave gaps at the waist and leg fitting holes, leading to leaks. A product that fits just right will fit snugly close to your body to ensure the absorbent core of the product can work properly. Secondly, the product you’re using is not absorbent enough for your needs. If you’re in a lower absorbency product, you may need to look for something with a “heavy” or “overnight” absorbency. Third, for adult underwear or pads, the leg ruffles might be turned in the wrong direction. Leg ruffles (also called “leg barriers” or “leg guards”) should be turned out and away from the skin for maximum protection. You’re a side sleeper and leak from the leg holes. If you leak out the sides at night, you can always add a booster pad to that for more targeted protection.

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