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Managing Incontinence

Ways to effectively manage incontinence

How can I manage incontinence at work?

During peak work hours, try to start timing your voids, limit water intake, and avoid coffee, which is a diuretic and can irritate the bladder.

How can I manage incontinence during the hot summer?

Being outdoors more means less access to bathrooms. The easiest way to lessen summertime bathroom emergencies is through lifestyle changes like maintaining a healthy weight, exercising regularly, and eating a balanced diet high in fiber to lessen fre

Can exercise help incontinence?

The natural aging process causes muscle fiber to weaken, making it less able to tolerate stress. If pelvic floor muscles can’t support the internal organs, it’s difficult to control urination or the bowels. Regular exercise can strengthen the pelvic

4. Why is good hygiene important for those living with incontinence?

Even the tiniest of accidents can result in urine becoming trapped against the skin, which can lead to other problems, including irritation and infection.